Stocks Designer Appliances & Bathrooms has been owned and operated by the Stock family since 1975. As one of the first specialist premium appliance retailers in Brisbane, our knowledge and experience stand out from the rest in South East Queensland.

Early Days

At the ripe age of 8 years old, Jim Stock moved into his new home at the back of Stocks Ashgrove – little did he know that this would become the business he owns and runs today. In his youth, Jim started his career in the family business by spending his Saturday’s cleaning fridges and loading the cardboard for a tip run.

After travelling Europe then spending 6 years living and some time working in the home appliance industry in the United Kingdom, it was Don & Margaret Stock who successfully convinced their son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Louise, to come home, just in time to open the new store in Clayfield on June 8th, 1998.

Growing The Family Business

Not afraid of hard work, Jim committed to 7 days a week while their oldest child, Will, was only a newborn. With Jim’s background in Accounting and Louise’s background in Sales, combined with a lifetime of exposure and experience in home appliances, they were the perfect couple to take over the Stocks business.

It was a challenge opening a new store, however the hard work paid off as the reputation for quality and personalised customer service mixed with the best products available in the market spread like wildfire.

The New Millennium

Now happily married with two beautiful children, Jim and Louise remain actively involved in the day to day operation of the business. Their passion, pride and love for helping people achieve their dream kitchen and bathroom will forever go unmatched.

Growing up in the area, attending local schools and now owning a business in the local area, Jim and Louise are also active members of their local community. They support many schools and community groups by donating appliances for both charity and school fundraising events.

45 Years - Since 1975

2020 is the 45th Anniversary of Stocks Appliances.

Now we are a part of the Designer Appliances group, the largest independent premium appliance group in Australia. With 23 stores across Australia, the national support and buying power behind the Designer Appliances group facilitates the friendly and expert service of Stocks Designer Appliances & Bathrooms we've always been known for with national reach.